Artistry on the Frontlines...

I'm Matt Morelli. In 2011 I went to work for one of my best friends and his family at Frends Beauty, in North Hollywood, CA. Frends Beauty specializes in providing makeup and beauty supplies for Hollywood film and television artists. Knowing absolutely nothing about the industry, or the people, I agreed to come in because it just sounded like a good, fun opportunity. And I was ready for a new chapter in my career.

Over the days, weeks, and months, I learned more and more about the industry, and met hundreds of makeup artists. Immediately I began drawing parallels between the pride and honor felt by artists, and the pride and honor felt by my brothers and sisters in arms in my other profession, in the military. The similarities are shocking, to be honest.

Throughout the years, I've become relatively well known in the pro artist community, and I wanted to create a brand that allowed my friends in the community to showcase their pride among their friends, family, and colleagues. I hooked up with my buddy Mike, and we formed Frontline Artistry. Frontline Artistry is about the expression of pride for those artists working on the frontline. It's not always an easy job, but someone's got to do it.