Just The Tips: Taking Responsibility for Your Failures

This one may be a bit of a gut punch if you're the kind of person who points fingers anywhere but inward when things don't go your way. My job isn't to coddle you and tell you that you're always right. Believe me, I've been where you are. My job is to tell you that you're not always right, and if things are not going the way you want them to, it's probably your fault.

Now, that's not to say that everything that happens to you is completely under your control. But how you react and respond to adverse situations is, and what you do moving forward definitely is. In other words, learning how to learn from your mistakes and taking action accordingly.

Perhaps the greatest tool in every freelancers inventory is the ability to be humble, learn from mistakes, accept responsibility, and grow. Growth without understanding what causes failure is nearly impossible. Coming to accept your imperfection and harnessing the great power that comes with it will change your life.

Each failure is an opportunity to be humble and learn. In my almost 37 years I've had plenty. I am certainly no stranger to failure. But it was not until I convinced myself that my failures were exactly that...MY failures, was I able to learn from them, and not repeat them. It's such a wonderful feeling, learning from failure, that I don't even get mad about it any more. Every time my world catches fire, I get a little excited, because I know I am going to take something positive away from it. Mastering the "positive mental attitude" is incredible!

As a professional hair or makeup artist...you're going to make mistakes. And holy shit, they're going to be embarrassing, they're going to be seen by many people, and you're going to want to crawl under a rock. Before you do that, before you point fingers, and before you try to find someone or something else to blame...remind yourself that the only way you're going to learn from this, is if you take it on the chin. Like any boxer, after while you learn how to take a hit, and you formulate a mean counter-punch.

You're a member of the family. You're a Frontline Artist and we want to help you grow your business, and grow yourself. So talk to us. Leave a comment about one of your failures and let's dig in, explore it, and learn from it. Let's grow together, expand our businesses and succeed together! Until next time!