Find Your Hustle

It's the call sign of Frontline Artistry, our motto, it's what drove us to create this brand - Find Your Hustle. It's the driving force behind everything that we do. Finding your hustle has nothing to do with the Instagram-era definition of hustle. It's not about flashing your money or your material belongings. It's not about renting a Ferrari for a few hours, taking a shitload of pictures posing in it, and then posting up about how you're a hustler. Finding your hustle is about digging deep, and finding that inner strength that helps you, no...that makes you crush your goals. Your hustle is not what you do for a living, it's what pushes you achieve that success. It is in you.

Let me say that again. Your hustle is not your job, it's what makes you win. When you wake up on Monday morning and your first inclining is to throw a grenade at your alarm clock but you get your ass up out of bed, grab your coffee mug, put on some Slayer, and start your day like a boss...that is Found Hustle.

Your hustle is invisible, odorless, untouchable and immeasurable. The only way to know how much you have is to take a moment of honest internal reflection. Be self-aware as shit. Did you put all of the effort you have in you, into your craft today? Did you respond to all of your prospective client inquiries today, and in a reasonable time? Did you stand your ground when your client haggled prices with you? Did you attend that networking event and make yourself look like a rock star? Did you fail and take ownership of it? Did you study new techniques today? When you got tired did you say fuck it and keep pushing? These are all evidence of hustle. How hard you attack these attributes depends on how much hustle you have.

The hustle isn't static though, it's dynamic. You can move it, change it, manipulate it, and grow it. The sooner you realize your goals, the closer you are to finding the hustle that you have, and achieving them.

So FIND YOUR HUSTLE, and take advantage of that shit. Crush your goals. Destroy your enemies. Be the best version of you. Win at all costs.