Just The Tips: Setting Goals

I'm going to teach you a lesson about getting shit done, today. The difference between someone who talks about hustling and the one who reaps the benefits of it, is the action that the latter takes. But that action needs to be planned out, tactically. Today we are going in depth with the tactical execution of getting shit done.

It starts with setting goals. If we were sitting down over a coffee....or a beer....or let's be honest, whiskey, and I asked you what's your main goal in your career --- would you say something to the effect of "I want to make a lot of money!" and everything that comes along with it?

You should. Otherwise what are you doing? The challenge most people have is, when it comes to setting goals, 'making a lot of money' is usually the one they set. But that's not good enough. To achieve your goals you need to be specific as hell, drill down, and get granular. Gary Vaynerchuk calls it reverse engineering. What that means is, you need to start with your end goal, then break it down into bits and pieces, until you have a bunch of smaller goals that you can do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that will lead to you achieving your major goal.

By the end of 2017, our goal is to sell $1,000,000 worth of shirts per year. At $24.99 per shirt, that is 40,016 shirts. That is a lot of shirts. Scientifically speaking if I add the square root of 40,016, multiply it by X and carry the 1 --- it's a metric shit ton. To simplify this a bit, that is 3,334 shirts per month, 833 shirts per week, or 119 shirts per day. But...now we are onto something. Knowing what our current ratio of site visitors to buyers is, I can project how many visitors we need to have on a daily basis. Because I am savvy as shit with Facebook advertising - currently the world's BEST online ad platform - I can predict a close estimate of how much we have to spend on advertising, to get the volume of people to the site, to sell 119 shirts per day. By breaking it down to a daily goal, I know what I need to do to achieve that goal. Knowing what I need to do and making that happen, leads to our ultimate goal not only being in our grasp, but allowing us to nail it. #DontBelieveMeJustWatch

Now we just need the advertising budget to make that happen. So like, but some shirts yo...

Setting manageable goals is the KEY to actually achieving them. To reiterate, we all want to make a ton of money. That's a given, just like the sun will come up tomorrow. But the planning of how and its execution is where most of us fail miserably. If you've ever played team sports, fought in a martial arts tournament, or had the guts to approach a sexy individual and ask for their number you've probably had a friend or coach tell you --- VISUALIZE THE WIN. You have to see it, in order to do it. So here is a little tool you can use to make sure you see it every single day. Some people call it a vision board but I call it a goal board. Here's mine...

You will notice my three main goals for the year - More Weight Lifting, Less Fast Food, and Start Apparel Business. You'll also see our slogan, Find Your Hustle, a note from my girlfriend to hug and kiss her more, a couple of red hearts, her ring size, and a weird looking penis. I don't know how the latter got there...whatever. I set my board up to display two weeks worth of goals. When I end one week I cross out what I achieved, and leave it there as a reminder. There are usually 3 - 5 weekly goals on there but I'd just erased my old ones and begun putting my new ones.

My daughter also uses the goal board, but I am pretty sure she thinks the penis drawing is a sloth or something. I'm going to leave it that way...

So far I am about 50/50 on winning these goals. I have done fair-to-poorly only lifting more weights this year. Mostly because of a shoulder injury (never jump from a truck moving 20mph). I have done pretty well at eating less fast food this year. And, I nailed my last (main) goal and I started the makeup artist clothing business. But I will be honest I got to where I am so far because of this goal board. Because it puts my goals right in my face and makes me feel like an asshole if I deny them the time and energy it takes to achieve them. I mean, I really feel guilty when I willfully look away from my goals.

Now the interesting part in this, is...the overwhelming majority of goals that have inhabited this board have been business related. Very little of it has been weight lifting, or eating better. Could that be one of the reasons my accomplishments are lined up the way they are? Perhaps. I think in my case that is realistic because I take goal setting and this goal board very seriously.

Now that we have talked about goal setting and I have provided an example of one way to do it...what are your methods? How do you dissect your goals and make them into manageable, actionable things? Tell me in the comment section!