Just The Tips: Location, Location, Location...

What's up y'all? As some of you know, we offer a free service for hair and makeup artists on our Frontline Artists makeup artist directory. To be included, email us your website, social links, a head shot or picture of you working, and a few sentences talking about what you do.

Anyhow, the subject of this Just The Tips is about an observation I made after viewing a few dozen artist websites. The majority of them are missing any mention of location. This seems to be a simple oversight, but it is hurting your business. As freelancers, as entrepreneurs offering an in-person service, letting prospective clients know where you are located and where you work is of huge importance.

I'm a resident of Los Angeles. If I were not connected to the industry in any way and wanted to hire a makeup artist for an event, I may get onto Google and type in "Los Angeles makeup artist". If you are an artist living in Los Angeles, and that information is not included on your website, chances are very low that I am going to see you at all. Instead, my business is going to go to your competitors.

So do me a solid, log into the back end of your website right now and add your city and state, and all of the areas that you service. If you want to game the system a bit, include it in blog posts if you blog on your website --- which you should. Mention of it in new content is useful to Google, and may help increase your position when people are searching for makeup artists in your city.

I hope this is helpful to you, go double check your website and make sure you list your location!