Frontline Artist Interview: Shannon Caldwell Dowling

Shannon at work on Lindsay Fleming.jpg

Shannon is the definition of superwoman. She's a Dallas / Fort Worth, TX based makeup artist with a massive personality and entreprenurial spirit. 

Frontline: Tell the readers who you are!
 I'm a makeup artist who does editorial, commercial and bridal in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I also teach MUA business and manage a team of incredible up-an-coming artists while trying to work on product development. More importantly, I'm a mama to the coolest 4 year old ever and wifey to my fuzzband.

Frontline: What kind of makeup do you specialize in?
 Beauty...I love skin. I'm not really "artistic" in my approach.  I take a more to the "Eve Pearl" philosophy where light and architecture are king.

Frontline: How did you come into the industry?
 By total accident.  I was always that kid who did everyone's makeup and hair for prom & homecoming.  During college, I competed in Miss Texas to pay for it and really got my hair set on fire there...after I was put out to pasture I started teaching new & former contestants, doing their weddings and learning from ANYONE who would teach me (this was before you could get YouTube Certified).  Later, I spent some time at a counter and learned so much about serving every category of client. After years in commercial real estate & automotive marketing, I hung out a shingle and the rest is history!  I still take every class I can get my hands on...I hope to never think I know everything!

Frontline: There are a lot of people making a name for themselves on social media, in makeup. What's your take? 
 Good for them.  I come from the generation of keeping your head down and quietly getting the job done.  You assisted for free and were intensely grateful for the opportunity.  You literally prayed for the day that you were allowed to touch a face.  Being a professional cheerleader, model or pageant girl didn't automatically make you a makeup artist. 

This is a different generation and I have to admit to being a late adopter...and PAINFULLY private, to boot.  If it weren't for the tremendous audience that social media affords me, I wouldn't be on it at all. THAT BEING SAID,  I want to caution those who are only popular in the social media realm to have a good backup plan if their only skill is "real good eyes" and great photoshopping.

Frontline: What was the craziest experience you've had on a job?
 I got punched by a bridesmaid...wrong place, wrong time, wrong target.  I packed & left.

Frontline: What are some must-have products you need in your kit?
 RCMA foundations, Smith brushes, Revlon Fire & Ice lipstick, Viseart anything, Clarins Lotus oil,  Senna creme blushes, MUFE water blend, Hydraluron (not sure what I'm going to do when I run out of backstock, it's discontinued), L'Oreal Voluminous  Mascara in Carbon Black.

Frontline: What advice would you give an up and coming artist looking to build a career?
Ask questions. Listen more than you talk. Don't go after the "big whale" until you can catch 3 tons of salmon in a day. Try EVERYTHING. Hygiene is religion.  Use what works. Know how but KNOW WHEN.  Screw up A LOT but not on a client's time or dollar. Shadow, apprentice, follow. Keep your ego in check...the MOST successful people in this biz didn't get there spouting their resume to anyone they could corner.  Do you.

Frontline: What's your favorite hair and makeup artist clothing company?
 Um, duh. Frontline Artistry.

Frontline: Where can we find you?
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